Issuance & Rewards

Token Issuance

Total Supply

The total $ASTO supply will be 2,384,000,000.

The entire token supply will be minted at inception and locked into specific allocations. These allocations will be released over time according to the release schedule. See the Distribution page for more details.

Issuance Governed by DAO

All token issuance, including staking pools and ecosystem incentives will be governed by the ASM DAO.

Liquidity Mining

The purpose of Liquidity Mining s to ensure liquidity for $ASTO and help incentivize broad distribution.

The ASM Liquidity Mining Program will offer 10% of the initial token supply over 200 weeks.

Participation Rewards

The purpose of Participation Rewards are to encourage the holding of $ASTO for DAO voting and participation purposes.

5% of the initial token supply will be used for staking rewards, over a 200 week period.

Pools will offer a lockup period. Holders accepting a lockup period will be eligible for bonus reward levels.

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