Altered State Machine has a patent pending for the ownership of AI ML models using NFTs.

This is a wide-ranging patent which offers ASM a unique place in the evolving NFT universe. Our patent has been filed with the US Patent Office. It will confer global coverage when issued.

Composite Units

At the core of our Patent is the concept of a Composite Unit.

A composite unit includes three components:

  • Execution Model: a specification of executable code implementing the model (e.g., a content addressed URL where an executable code AI model is stored and accessible);

  • Interface Definition: a specification of inputs accepted by the model and outputs of the model (e.g., a content addressed URL where an interface definition for the relative model is stored and accessible).

  • Blockchain Reference: A pointer to a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) corresponding to the model and stored on a decentralized computing network, such as a blockchain or other distributed ledger technology.

What Composite Units Enable

Composite units provide trade-ability, interoperability and composability of models, (such as artificial intelligence) that can be implemented in various execution environments and moved from one execution environment to another. By coupling an execution model with a strictly defined interface definition, the composite unit allows multiple execution environments to implement support for the interface and for other models to fit into that interface.

The result is the ability to own and trade composite units that have utility across multiple supported execution environments. Additionally, the interface allows for the creation of pipelines and systems from multiple complementary composite units.

Proof-of-Concept Successful

A successful technical PoC of ASM composite units has been completed in a demo application, proving the patent implementation in a real-world use case.

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