Altered State Machine

The Decentralised
 Protocol for A.I. powered by Dynamic NFTs

A platform for the creation and training of A.I. Agents, owned and traded using NFTs

A new generation of metaverses and gaming is arriving, where AI agents compete with each other, interact, and support human actors.

Altered State Machine is a decentralised protocol for creating ownership of an AI agent via an NFT.

ASM can be used to create Agents for games, financial applications, virtual assistants, online worlds, and many more.

How ASM Works ⚙️

A.I. Agents defined by NFTs

The ASM platform provides any application (eg: game, metaverse, financial) the ability to create A.I. Agents which are owned as an NFT.

Each Agent is represented by a combination of a Brain, which is the core of the Agent; Memories, which store behavioural strategies the Agent has learned (AI model training); and a Form, which encodes physical attributes (what it looks like, and how it operates). In addition the ASM protocol could invite other third party "form" projects (such as Meebits or Bored Apes) to upgrade their NFT to include an ASM agent.

A.I. Agent Training

Agents in ASM can be trained in "Gyms". Gyms are networked GPU cloud compute providers (similar to miners), who choose to run training algorithms for a specific ASM application (eg: a popular game, or a trading bot for DeFi markets). Owners pay for training using ASTO tokens.

ASM provides the frameworks for hardware owners to create, manage, and profit from GPU time provided to gyms.

ASM provides useful work for miners who might be impacted by the move from POW to POS schemes.

Ownership, Trading and Marketplaces

Agents can be owned (individually or jointly) and traded on NFT marketplaces. The ASTO token can be used to improve agents, and these improvements can be traded or sold. This means ASM can power a broad decentralised economy across many different metaverses, games and financial applications as well as a host of other use cases we will reveal in time.

The ASTO Token 🪙

The Altered State Machine platform is powered by the $ASTO Token. This token is used to govern the Altered State DAO, and to drive the economy. It's uses include creating (minting) new Agents, training Agents, inter-Agent transactions, liquidity mining, play-and-earn and more.

Our Pending Patent ✏️

Altered State Machine has a patent pending for the ownership of AI ML models via NFTs. This is a wide-ranging patent which offers ASM a unique place in the evolving NFT universe. Our patent has been filed with the US Patent Office.

Proof-of-Concept Complete

A successful technical PoC of ASM has been completed. It is a simple soccer game where teams of Agents play against each other. The PoC uses the UNITY Game Engine, IPFS file storage, and a demo ML Gym to prove out the ASM technology (and mark an initial patent implementation) in a real-world use case.

Contact us for a Demo.

The ASM Vision

NFT's are another transformational use case for blockchains. Artificial Intelligence will be pivotal in the next wave of online experiences, from gaming to art to commerce.

Altered State Machine's vision is to be the protocol for ownership and monetisation of A.I.'s using NFT technology.

ASM has a wide range of use cases including:

  • Game players / characters

  • Metaverse assistants

  • DeFi trading bots

  • Chatbots

  • Digital twins (e.g. "Super Siri")

  • Advertising

Three massive growth markets are converging

Gaming is a $183bn market, growing at 10%. DeFi is a $53bn market, growing at over 200%. NFTs are a $6bn market, growing at over 500%.

Altered State Machine exists at the intersection of these powerful growth markets, with a unique global patents, and demonstrable technology.

ASM is poised to be a powerful economic layer for autonomous Agents across the worlds of gaming, art and finance... as they converge into a massive new world of metaverses.

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