DAO Approach

Altered State Machine will implement a two-stage DAO model.

About HarlanDAO

ASM will collect initial seed funds into an Aragon Membership DAO or a Gnosis Muliti Sig , called the HarlanDAO.

HarlanDAO will operate ASM as we build ElderDAO. It will have the same powers and responsibilities as ElderDAO until the latter is established.

About ElderDAO

The ElderDAO will manage parameters of the ASM ecosystem, and vote on its evolution.

Matters that the ASM DAO will vote on will include, but will not be limited to:

  • Voting on Councils

  • Token subpools to incentivize new Worlds

  • Token subpools to support the further development of popular existing Worlds

  • Voting on changes to Frame attributes, rarity, or mechanics

  • Adjusting levels of token remuneration to Gym GPU providers

  • Adjusting release schedules for token allocations

  • and many more...

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