The ASTO Token

Altered State Tokens (ASTO) are an ERC-20 token for the Altered State Machine ecosystem


ASTO is a governance token for the ASM ecosystem. It's primary use is to enable the DAO to manage and grow the ASM ecosystem over time. See The ASM DAO for more information. It can also have transactional uses within the ecosystem, including accessing the network.

Use Cases

ASTO's use cases are:

  • Governance (creating proposals for, and voting in the ASM DAO)

  • AI Agent Training

  • Minting Agent NFTs within ASM universe world

  • Minting Agent NFTs within non-ASM universe worlds

  • Powerups, instant improvements, items and skins

Earning ASTO

ASTO holders will be able to earn rewards for using their tokens, and for participating in activities in the protocol and games.

Agent Owners and World Creators (app developers) will be able to earn rewards for using and growing the ASM ecosystem. These rewards come from the Play-to-Earn pool.

Total Supply

The total $ASTO supply will be 2,384,000,000.

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