Creating Agents using NFTs

Agents are created in ASM by minting and combining NFTs for Brains and Forms, and storing Memories in the Brain's Memory Tree.

The Brain is the base of each Agent, and has the same general structure anywhere in the ASM universe.

The Form and Memories relate to the World it operates in. This means that World owners, content creators or the ASM community will define the parameters for minting Forms (within the ASM NFT structural standards), and can input into the ML training models for Memories and the associated stored data structures.

How Combinations of ASM Elements create Agents

NFT's can be minted individually, but will frequently be minted in packs. These are a set of the component NFTs which enable an Agent to operate right away in a world, without the Owner having to mint NFT's in different places, or train a Brain from scratch.

Examples of how NFT's would be used in packs include:

World Example


Pack Contents

An interactive world for Agents based on CryptoKitties

Because CryptoKitties have existing forms (artwork) no Form NFT would be required

Brain (with Memories)

A metaverse already connected with ASM, which has created a new arena

Existing ASM Agents (with a Brain) can visit the new arena, but need a new Form and a starting Memory (basic skill) to be able to operate in it

Form, Memory

A DeFi company offering ASM-powered Agents

A DeFi company is created to offer ASM powered trading bots to it's customers, which interact with major exchanges via APIs. They will need all three components to get started

Brain, Memory

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