Agent Parameters

How Agent attributes are created

The Brain NFT is the core element of the ASM infrastructure. It has two primary functions:

  1. To encode a base attribute set (aka Genome Matrix)

  2. To store memories (in a Memory Tree)

The attribute set is expressed as a Genome Matrix... a grid with a heat map mechanic (non-linear randomness).

Each Brain has a random chance of spawning with some rare attribute levels. These will give the Agent an initial performance advantage.

However, the performance of an Agent is substantially influenced by its training and experience, which means even a “low spec" character has a chance of developing a winning strategy. It may take longer, or use unconventional strategies, but as in the real world anything is possible with effort, focus and luck!

How attributes create functional characteristics

Brain (Genome Matrix) attributes are expressed in two ways:

  • Expressions defined by the World the Agent operates in

  • Modifiers from the Form that the Brain is attached to

1. World (Environment) Expressions

The blue circles (above) describe a World's expression mapping. The Expression is a look-up table which allows the Form to express the attributes needed to operate in that world.

For example, a soccer game world would express speed, strength, and intelligence from defined areas of attribute set (e.g. top left, middle right). A DeFi trading world could express curiosity, research time scale, and risk-aversion.

Expressions are infinitely customisable and not limited to any particular grid size or location. Expression areas can overlap each other. This would be typical for related expressions (e.g. speed and agility, or intelligence and risk-aversion).

A World's expressions will usually be defined by the owner. The ASM DAO and community will aggregate and publish generic expression standards. Encouraging similar worlds to adopt similar expression standards will enhance inter-world operability over time.

If a World comprises many different use cases (for example, a metaverse with action games and non-combat chat experiences), an Expression will exist for each Environment.

2. Form Modifiers

In worlds where the Form is fundamentally important (most physical worlds), the Form also modifies expressed attributes.

For example, a Form in a battle game world would be likely to define the size of the Agent. It might also increase (or decrease) strength or speed.

A Form can also attach physical items (collectibles) to the Brain. These might contribute to the Form modifiers (e.g. a magic sword might confer extra accuracy and damage).

A Form's modifiers will usually be defined by the world owner. They might use a random-rarity minting mechanic in the same way as the ASM Brain. The ASM DAO and community will aggregate and publish Form modifiers, which will enhance inter-world operability over time.

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