Agent Training (Gyms)

Agents learn or grow through training

Training happens in a Gym; a GPU-powered Machine Learning Model trainer.

Training at the Gym is a process similar to mining, where GPUs are used to train your Agent.

The MLM is influenced by the attributes your Agent has. Each MLM uses a neural network, so the specific outcomes of training your Agent are unique.

Each Agent has a file that encodes the MLM output. These are Memories, and are minted as NFTs each time the Agent trains at the Gym. Memories are attached to a Brain (via the Memory Tree), and relevant to a specific World.

Gym Ownership and Incentives

The protocol provides an incentive to GPU owners who host Gyms.

Gym users pay for training time via the ASTO token. A majority of the payment is retained by the Gym Host, and a small fee returns to the ASM DAO.

Gym Hosts will typically be the creators of the World in which the Agent operates, or an affiliate to that World.

An ecosystem of Gym Hosts will evolve, which World creators can tap into to create Gyms for their Agents and Owners.

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